Who are we?

Our team operates as a digital marketing company. Ads that are made for our clients are run on Facebook's platform. Facebook has put a limit on the amount of ads from one account, thus we are in search of more accounts.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is completely safe! We guarantee confidentiality, security and regular payments. Our team only uses the "Ads Manager" function that comes with your account. We do not change any personal information and your friends will not see our activity - your personal Facebook account stays the same as before.

Receive Cash in 3 Simple Steps!

Quick and Easy!

Submit The Request

Fill out the application form found below by entering all the necessary and correct information. Your information will only be used for renting purposes.

Confirm Eligibility

After you submit a request, our team will quickly review the application to verify if basic requirements are met.

Receive Cash

After you receive an email confirming your rent, the very first payment will be made after 30 days. Money will be transferred in to an account of your preference.

Before applying, check if your account meets all the necessary requirements.

Untouched Ad Account

You have never used your Facebook Ad Account/ Business Account.

Genuine Facebook Account and +18

The Facebook account must be YOURS and you must be over the age of 18

Supported Country

To qualify for the payment you must be from the United States of America

1 Year Old Account

Your Facebook account must be at least 1 year old

Do not use Facebook on your computer

You can still continue using Facebook on a mobile device

Fill Out This Application To Receive Cash

After you submit the application form, our team will quickly review your application to ensure you get your money as fast as possible!

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